Julianna Canepa

We are happy to announce the June student of the month, Julianna Canepa.  “J” is a 2-stripe white belt and an exemplary student.  From her very first day people had her pegged for fast progress.   I recall hearing about “the new girl” and how she “was going to be really good” before I met her.  J never talks in class, she really listens to her instructors and peers, and she has indeed learned a lot very fast.  The biggest thing you can see about her training is that she never had an ego to get over.  She is very strong but only uses it to defend, focusing on proper technique instead.  As a regular training partner, I can honestly say I can never take anything for granted with this girl, whether it be a sweep or a submission.  She fought her first tournament at Worlds after breaking a toe two weeks before during training camp.  If she keeps it up, next year there is an awfully good chance she will bring home a medal.

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