This weekend two of our fighters went to Long Beach to compete in the Samurai Pro Tournament.  Troy Merrell finished his first fight quickly with a submission and had a war with another fighter in the finals, eventually taking second place.  Jennifer Recinos kept up her dominance with another gold medal, soundly beating her opponents.  Congratulations to both!


Steven Dang received his second stripe on his blue belt tonight!

Troy Merrell was given two stripes to make him a two stripe blue belt as well!

Tom Word got his first stripe on his purple belt from Royler, Regis, and Johnny!

It has been brought to my attention that Nelson Esquivel’s promotion to blue belt may have been overlooked.  Obviously I cannot let this go on and the world must know and shower congratulations upon him as well for this achievement.  (No, it was not Nelson who told me this).  These are never gifts at Gracie San Diego and these team members should be proud.

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